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Hankook consumer survey: 63% check pressure

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In a new Tire Gauge Index survey conducted by Hankook Tire America Corp., 63% of respondents checked their tire pressure in the last month. While nearly 8 in 10 consumers say they are aware that the change in seasons affects tire pressure, Hankook is reminding consumers that falling temps mean falling tire air pressure and it’s time to “Air ‘Em UP.”

“The change of seasons is a good time to remember to check your tires for proper air pressure. In fact, every 10-degree drop in outside temperature can result in up to a 2 psi drop in tire pressure,” says Henry Kopacz, Hankook Tire America’s tire expert. “We want to remind consumers to check their pressure at least once a month, but especially during this time when the changing seasons can result in dramatic temperature shifts in some parts of the country, as well as slick conditions that can result from wet roads and falling leaves.”

In addition, while the vast majority of consumers believe that maintaining proper air pressure keeps them safe (80%) and saves money (77%), nearly one-third believe keeping their tires aired up is better for the environment. According to Hankook, that’s a good thing, but could be better.

“The fact is, properly inflated tires, as opposed to underinflated, improve a tire’s rolling resistance performance, reducing energy loss and allowing a vehicle to use less fuel, which is better for the environment,” says Kopacz. “It’s encouraging that 31% of our respondents know that, but our goal is to educate more consumers about the environmental benefits of properly inflated tires.”

More men (36%) than women (24%) say that a reason to keep good tire pressure is because it is better for the environment. Data also showed that while drivers understand the importance of checking their tire pressure when the seasons change, their knowledge of their vehicle’s ideal tire pressure was not as high. Just more than half (58%) were actually confident they knew what the ideal tire pressure was for their vehicle.

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