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Alliance Tire Group debuts radial tractor tire line

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Alliance Tire Group debuts radial tractor tire line

Alliance Tire Americas has introduced the new Alliance FarmPRO R1W Radial Tractor tire line. Available in 12 sizes, the line offers North American farmers a deep-tread radial that combines performance and value for utility tractors.

“The Alliance FarmPRO line delivers the performance of R1W radial tires at a competitive price,” says James Tuschner, director of marketing for Alliance Tire Americas. “It’s the perfect choice for utility tractors that can reap the benefits of radial technology.”

Alliance FarmPRO Radial R1W Tractor tires feature a stubble-resistant compound and an average tread depth 20 percent deeper than standard R1 tractor tires.  In addition to improved traction, Alliance FarmPRO radials deliver significantly better fuel economy than standard bias-ply R1s, the company says.

The Alliance FarmPRO line is priced lower than the company’s Alliance Agri-Traction brand R1W radials, which remain a globally popular choice for high load/high speed applications.

“The Alliance FarmPRO line is competitively priced to help farmers get the best performance on their utility tractors in terms of traction and fuel savings – which is important with escalating fuel prices – as well as cost,” says Tuschner. “We have been eager to give farmers more choices in the radial options on the market, and the Alliance FarmPRO delivers.”

The Alliance FarmPRO line is currently available in the following sizes: 280/85R24, 340/85R24, 380/85R24, 320/85R28, 340/85R28, 380/85R28, 420/85R28, 420/85R30, 460/85R30, 420/85R34, 460/85R34, 420/85R38, 460/85R38 and 520/85R38. Additional sizes, including tires for 42- and 46-inch rims, will be released soon, says Tuschner.  The Alliance FarmPRO line will be available throughout the U.S. and Canada through Alliance Tire dealers and distributors.

For more information on the Alliance FarmPRO Radial R1W line, contact your Alliance Tire dealer or visit or

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