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GITI Tire rollout puts a grip on winter

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GITI Tire rollout puts a grip on winter

Giti will raise consumer and medium truck tire prices by up to 8% in May.

(Editor's note: Look for the complete story on the GITI Tire WinterPro and IcePro tires in the March issue of Modern Tire Dealer.)

GITI Tire (USA) Ltd. and GITI Tire (Canada) Ltd. made a big impression in the snow recently in Quebec City, Quebec, when the company held an event to show off their new GT Radial Champiro WinterPro and Champiro IcePro tires.

The event was the official launch of the WinterPro, which had a soft launch last season in the Canadian market. While 2011 is the second year the IcePro has been available in the North American market, this was the first official event for the tire.

Both tires feature a tread compound made with the company’s NanoTek Silica technology and rubber polymers that maintain grip in icy temperatures. The WinterPro has a directional tread pattern with a center rib and sipes engineered to increase traction on slippery surfaces. The IcePro has a studdable distribution design that provides grip while reducing noise levels, the company says.

During the GITI-sponsored ride-and-drive event, drivers tested the new GT Radials against the Firestone Winterforce tire. In terms of quality, GITI says the tires compare favorably with tier two brands, although they are priced similarly to tier three competitors.

The WinterPro comes in 37 metric sizes ranging from 145/70R13 71T to 215/65R16 98H. The IcePro comes in 41 T-rated metric passenger and SUV sizes ranging from 155/70R13 to 275/65R18. It also is available in five LT sizes.

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