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Continental pushes General features to the G-Max

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Frankie Valli would be proud. The new General G-Max AS-03 is an ultra-high performance tire designed for all four seasons.

Billed as an all-weather UHP tire, the G-Max AS-03 "delivers precise response in dry and wet conditions, with excellent light snow grip," according to Continental Tire the Americas LLC.

The tire features the following technologies

* 3D Sipe Technology uses interlocking tread blocks in the sipe to "improve handling and reduce heat."

* RTM (replacement tire monitor) Technology in the tread indicates when a tire has reached a tread depth of 2/32nds-inch. At that point, the words "Replace Tire" are clearly visible on the indicator strip.

* VAI (visual alignment indicators) Technology accounts for the short sipe patterns in each shoulder of the tire. If one sipe on one side of the tire wears off before a corresponding sipe on the other side, the vehicle is out of alignment., and the driver is alerted to the worn/misalignment condition.

(Continental groups the RTM and VAI technologies into an umbrella category: Monitor Technology.

The company expects the General G-Max AS-03 to be available for order in the second quarter. The line has 63 sizes, ranging from 195/55R15 to 275/30ZR20.

There are 17 18-inch, 13 19-inch and eight 20-inch sizes. There are also 16 seven-inch sizes, seven 16-inch sizes and one 15-inch size.

Continental is backing the new General tire with a 45-day free trial guarantee. For more information, visit

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