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New Goodyear ads focus on experts

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The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is launching a new North American advertising campaign built on the theme “More Driven,” that leverages the equity the company has generated among experts over its history, to debut in television and print ads this month.

Developed by Goodyear and its new creative advertising agency, GSD&M Idea City of Austin, Texas, the new campaign and creative direction is intended to communicate Goodyear’s values, attitude and commitment to consumers.

The More Driven theme was designed to highlight the history of the brand, the achievements in which Goodyear tires have played an important role, and the experts who choose Goodyear’s tires for their performance. The theme’s purpose it to reinforce the message that everything the company learns from making tires for experts inspires what is rolled into the tires that Goodyear makes for consumers’ vehicles.

“Showing consumers the passion, innovation and expertise we use to produce tires for countless experts, and then illustrating how that inspires us to create consumer tires that deliver the confident driving in challenging road and weather conditions will further build trust in Goodyear and its dealers,” says Scott Rogers, Goodyear’s chief marketing officer.

“Our campaign had to be both simple and bold to cut through the clutter and engage consumers who may not even be in the market for tires,” says Garth Ely, Goodyear brand director. “Because Goodyear is the premium brand in the market, we needed to look and sound like the innovation leader in the industry, yet still be distinct and not take on the generic ‘tire company’ look. We also needed to be flexible to successfully deliver messages across any medium and to our wide base of target audiences, from women, to NASCAR fans, to enthusiasts, off-roaders and beyond.”

The company’s experts and brand ambassadors who use Goodyear tires include NASCAR champions such as Richard Petty and Tony Stewart , Hollywood stunt drivers, land speed record holders, NASA’s lunar rover, the U.S. military, police and fire vehicles, among many others. 

Television advertising begins with the February 20th telecast of the Daytona 500, the premier race that kicks off the NASCAR season, which is watched by 20 million viewers.

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