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Alliance to roll out 100 new tires in '09

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Alliance to roll out 100 new tires in '09
Israel-based specialty tire manufacturer Alliance Tire is stepping up its product development efforts. The company plans to introduce 100 new products in 2009 at the rate of two per week.

"This is nobody's idea of a dream economy," says Manny Cicero, president of Alliance's North American subsidiary, Alliance Tire USA. "But we're using the force of the market to swing us into the new, increased capacity we're building."

Alliance is building a new plant in India, which will start producing farm tires in mid-2009 and will double the company's manufacturing capacity by 2010.

The company is investing $125 million in capacity increases in order to clear up backlogs and "satisfy the growing demand for radial R-1 (tires) and other high performance, high-capacity tires," say Alliance officials.

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