Washington State bill threatens snow tire dealers

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The Northwest Tire Dealers Association (NWTDA) is fighting a proposed bill in the Washington State legislature that would charge customers an extra $15 per studded snow tire.

Legislators are "hell-bent" on banning the use of tire studs in the state, according to NWTDA Executive Director Dick Nordness.

They are convinced "that studded tires do all the damage to roads."

NWTDA officials fear that if the bill becomes law it will drive customers who live in Washington to buy tires in neighboring Oregon, where the $15 charge would not apply.

"Something like that would force tire dealers out of business," says Nordness.

The NWTDA has launched a grassroots campaign to stop the bill that includes putting counter-top displays in tire shops explaining its ramifications to tire buyers.

The bill "is in committee right now" and may have enough support among legislators to move it to the floor for possible ratification, according to Nordness.

"We're working to stop it."

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