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2016 Offers a Promising Outlook for Forestry Tires

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As the economy goes, forestry follows. And for forestry tire dealers, improvements in the economy and specifically the construction business are good signs for 2016.

“The forestry market has improved over several years ago,” says Jim Enyart, technical service manager for BKT Tires USA Inc.

Johni Francis, product manager for Titan Tire Corp., agrees. “The forestry market is heavily dependent on the state of the economy and the housing market. The economy is in a slight upturn, and we’re seeing a rise in residential development projects. This increases demand for lumber, which leads to increased production in the forestry industry. As production increases, new tire sales also increase.”

Still, loggers depend on durable tires. Bruce Besancon, vice president of marketing for Alliance Tire Americas Inc., says, “In the forestry segment, it’s all about puncture resistance and traction.”

Alliance will introduce new products in its Log Stomper and Log Monster series with enhanced tread compounds and tougher construction.

Francis says Titan is bringing new forestry products to market as well: the Titan 73x44.00-32 Logger Lug III, 73x50.00-32 Logger Lug III, 66x43.00-26 Logger Lug III, and the 66x43.00-25 Logger Lug III.

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