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Permatex Introduces Cleansing Wipe for Brake Rotors

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Permatex Introduces Cleansing Wipe for Brake Rotors

The Permatex division of Illinois Tool Works Inc. has introduced a towelette for use in brake service repair and maintenance applications. Permatex Brake Cleaning Wipes are designed to make a brake rotor installation and service easier and cleaner.

The wipes can also be used for cleaning brake drums, abutment clips, slide pins, calipers, and brake hardware as well as other parts and tools.

The Permatex Brake Cleaning Wipe is a water-based cleansing wipe designed to remove oil residue and contaminants from the rotor surface. The formula helps to promote proper pad wear-in, and contains no VOCs. The wipe also leaves a corrosion protection coating that prolongs rotor life and helps prevent brake squeal.

Permatex Brake Cleaning Wipes are available in a multi-wipe plastic dispenser, P/N 26629, that dispenses 50 wipes and features a locking lid to keep the wipes moist and ready to use. The wipes are also available in a single-use pouch, P/N 09948, containing a 4-gram towelette for a single job.

Daniel Clarke, Permatex senior product manager, says, “The new 50 towelette dispenser is a perfect economical solution for a shop that does a lot of brake jobs. One dispenser can potentially replace a case of aerosol brake cleaners.”

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