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2015 SEMA Show, Day 3: Winntec Takes the Pain Out of Lifting Tires

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2015 SEMA Show, Day 3: Winntec Takes the Pain Out of Lifting Tires

The Winntec HD-series Wheel Assist by Gaither Tool Co. Inc. helps technicians lift and position tire and wheel assemblies with the simple press of a foot pedal and ease of a single finger. Gaither highlighted the tool at its booth at the 2015 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show.

The Wheel Assist stands on its own. It requires no electrical power and it rolls easily from one wheel to the next, and one bay to the next. It uses gas springs to lift a tire from the floor. Once the tire is on the equipment, the technician can easily spin the tire to match up the bolts for proper fitment.

The Wheel Assist is offered in two variations, but the only difference is its height. The basic model positions the tire at slightly below eye level. The taller option is lifted up by larger wheels on its base. The basic model sells for $649, while the taller option is $749.

Richard Brahler II, president of Gaither Tool, says the tool not only makes wheel and tire assembly easier, but safer as well. And it eliminates the macho effect of a technician who wants to do the job manually, but might struggle handling the tire. Brahler calls it the difference of being "Mr. Tough or Mr. Smart." The result is quicker tire changes, plus less risk of damaging wheels or ceramic brake systems.

For more information visit booth no. 42193 or go to

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