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2015 Global Tire Expo, Day 4: 2 Sentury Tires for Winter

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2015 Global Tire Expo, Day 4: 2 Sentury Tires for Winter

Sentury Tire Americas is getting its dealers ready for winter. At the 2015 Global Tire Expo in Las Vegas, the company is showcasing its Delinte WD42 studdable winter tire and Landsail 4-Seasons all-weather tire at Booth No. 43225 in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

1. Delinte WD42 (pictured). Sentury's first studdable winter tire is designed for SUVs. It is available in eight metric and five LT sizes.

* The metric sizes range from 215/70R16 100T to 245/45R20 XL 103H.

* The LT sizes range from LT225/75R16 to 245/65R16 LRC 115/113R.

The tire features rubber foam technology. Sentury describes it as "tiny bubbles in th rubber," which decrease hardness in low temperatures.

2. Landsail 4-Seasons. The all-weather tire is available in 19 sizes ranging from 165/70R13 79T to 225/45R17 XL 94V.

It features high-density stereoscopic sipes designed to "maintain block rigidity and enhance both control and performance," says the company. "You get lots of biting edges to increase traction on wet, snowy or icy roads."

The tire's inside multiple cross-pattern design helps the tire "swallow" more snow and makes the trapped snow stronger "to enhance traction and grip on winter roads." In addition, wide longitudinal drainage grooves channel road water out from under the tire for control in the rain and snow.

The last day of the Global Tire Expo is Friday, Nov. 6. It is part of the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show (SEMA).

Sentury Tire Americas is a division of Qingdao Sentury Tire Co. Ltd. For more information on the company's new DX line, check out this link: 

"2015 Global Tire Expo, Day 3: M/T, A/T and H/T Delinte."

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