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Rotary Lift Guide Helps Customers Pick the Best Lift

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Rotary Lift Guide Helps Customers Pick the Best Lift

Rotary Lift has created a free lift application guide to help customers choose the right lifts for their service facilities. The guide is designed to give customers a glance of the lift styles available to service each class of vehicle.

“In most vehicle maintenance facilities, the vehicle lift is used more often than any other piece of shop equipment,” says David Fischmer, marketing director for Rotary Lift. “With so much riding on your lifts, it’s important that they’re chosen carefully to meet your facility’s specific needs.”

From the smallest low-rise lift used to lift Class 1 vehicles weighing less than 6,000 lbs. gross vehicle weight (GVW) to the biggest modular inground lift designed to safely lift Class 8 trucks and buses weighing more than 33,001 lbs. GVW, the rotary lift application guide shows all the style options.

“Of course, proper lift selection goes beyond vehicle weight, length and wheelbase,” Fischmer says. “Customers should also consider facility layout, the types of services they perform, budget, technician ergonomics, safety, efficiency, and productivity enhancements. Local Rotary Lift distributors are always available to meet with customers to help determine the best lifts for their specific needs.”

Rotary Lift also offers to help customers determine the optimal number, placement and arrangement of vehicle lifts for a new or remodeled facility. Rotary Lift’s in-house team works with individual customers and their architects to create custom facility layouts that maximize productivity.

For more information about the full line of vehicle lifts available from Rotary Lift, visit

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