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MAKS will help Yokohama expand in Russia

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The Russian subsidiary of Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd.will serve as "an official partner and sponsor" of the International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS) 2015. The event will be held August 25‒30 in Zhukovsky, near Moscow.

"The Russian market is an important market for Yokohama Rubber, and we plan to continue expanding sales in the country," says Yokohama.

Yokohama Russia LLC will introduce show visitors to Yokohama's high performance tires, including the global flagship brand Advan and the winter tire brand iceGuard. "Our Russian subsidiary will also participate in a number of events guaranteed to add to the excitement at MAKS, such as drift driving shows, including an aircraft and drift car synchronized show, and a speed battle between aircraft and racing cars," says the company.

MAKS visitors also will be able to test drive cars equipped with Yokohama's BluEarth-A, a fuel-efficient passenger-car tire that will be introduced to the Russian market in 2016. The salon is open to the general public from Aug. 28-30.

Yokohama Russia LLC will be joined by LLC Yokohama RPZ, a passenger car tire manufacturing and sales company that currently produces 1.6 million Yokohama tires a year.

The MAKS International Aviation and Space Salon is a semi-annual event. It typically attracts more than 500,000 visitors. Participants in this year's MAKS will include some 760 aviation industry‒related companies from around the world.

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