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Vipal shares the fuel savings of retreading

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Vipal shares the fuel savings of retreading

Vipal Rubber Corp. is emphasizing the monetary savings and conservation of natural resources through retreading.

Jean Barros, the company's commercial coordinator for Mexico and Central America, talked about the financial and earthly savings during a presentation at the Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo in Panama City.

“A retreaded tire can be up to 60% more affordable than a new tire, economizing an average of 57 liters of petroleum during its manufacture and reducing energy consumption by as much as 80%,” says Barros.

He also spoke about how Vipal uses technology to develop products that ultimately benefit the carrier.

During the trade fair, the company displayed several items from its tread line, including the VL130 ECO, which Vipal says provides up to 10% reduction in fuel consumption. This is the first South American tread to be validated by the North American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in the American Program called SmartWay Transport, which encourages carriers to use products that provide fuel economy and reduced emissions. The qualities that earned this qualification for the VL130 ECO tread include its low rolling resistance, which generates less heat, ensuring less fatigue on the casing, in addition to its rounded shoulders, which reduce the lateral drag effects.

Vipal’s portfolio at the trade fair also included other products, such as items of the DV line, consisting of treads designed exclusively for the cargo and passenger transport segment, such as the DV-UM3B and DV-RM.

In 2013 Vipal dedicated one of its three plants in Brazil solely to production for the international market. Also, in order to support the growth of exports, it recently opened its third distribution center in the United States, in Los Angeles, Calif. The center has capacity for 1,500 pallet positions to cover the West Coast and some Midwest states, as well as the Western and Central regions of Canada. The company also has a branch office in the United States.

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