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Haul heavier loads with the Michelin XDR250

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Haul heavier loads with the Michelin XDR250

Michelin North America Inc. has added the Michelin XDR250, a high capacity dump tire, to its line of earthmover tires. It's designed to increase hauling productivity by at least 24% and hauling capacity by 11% compared to its predecessor, the Michelin XDR2, the company says.

The tire - developed to fit Caterpillar 793F and Komatsu 830E AC models - can increase the amount of material carried per hour.

Michelin says the XDR250, in size 50/80R57, features these technical advancements: greater load capacity, lower operating temperature, faster driving speed, higher level of performance for improved productivity and longer life cycle compared to Michelin's XDR2.

"Rigid dump trucks are the lifeblood of open pit-mining operations," says Jamey Fish, director of earthmover marketing for Michelin North America. "These tires need to deliver maximum productivity, safety and durability to eliminate downtime. This tire carries a 67-ton nominal load capacity at a faster speed with a longer life cycle. Michelin is delivering solutions that can increase mine profitability through lower operating costs."

The tire features a new tread pattern which incorporates smaller rubber blocks crossed by grooves that optimize air flow and cooling. The tire runs 17 degrees Fahrenheit cooler in the crown, allowing it to carry a heavier load at the same speed or to increase the average operating speed.

To match the growing capacity of this new generation of machines, the Michelin XDR250 contains an additional 9.2% in air volume. The tire is MEMS-readied (Michelin Earthmover Management System), an integrated sensor system that measures both tire pressure and temperature. Real-time alerts are sent to the mine's operator in the control room to notify in the event that a tire is overheating or is over- or under-inflated so immediate action can be taken.

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