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Yokohama Adds 2 Tires, 2 Compounds for Scrapers

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Yokohama Adds 2 Tires, 2 Compounds for Scrapers

Yokohama Tire Corp. has added two tires for scrapers to its lineup, with two compounds designed to combat overheating in longer-haul applications and tougher cut and chip resistance in more aggressive applications.

The two new radial E-3 tires, the non-directional RT31 and the directional RT32, are both available in size 37.25R35. The low-heat generating REG compound is for longer-haul applications and the CP-S is designed for superior cut and chip resistance in aggressive-material handling. “The rugged RT31 and RT32 come equipped with the industry’s toughest multi-layer, cross-ply steel belt package, giving scraper operations one of the best puncture-resistant offerings in the market,” says Tom Clauer, Yokohama's senior manager of commercial and off-the-road tire product planning. “With two different compounds, and the directional and non-directional tread options, the RT31 and RT32 give fleets the ability to customize their equipment for maximum performance and efficiency.”

Clauer says the RT31’s non-directional tread pattern features an extra-large void-to-lug ratio for aggressive traction in soft or muddy terrain, while the RT32’s directional pattern has wide grooves that efficiently expel mud and dirt for ultimate traction.

The tires also have other benefits, including:

  • easier mounting and dismounting due to Yokohama’s flat base hexagonal bead construction, which locks the bead in place to increase traction performance; and
  • casing protection from exterior damage via the high turn-up construction, which also improves lateral stability.

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