Point S Refreshes Its All-Season Tire

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Point S Refreshes Its All-Season Tire

Point S Development is updating its all-season tire for Europe. The success of the Point S 4 Seasons tire drove the development of the Point S 4 Seasons 2. The tire features a new tread pattern and an improved compound which Point S says provides these performance benefits:

  • wear: lower wear rate and better mileage;
  • aquaplaning: shorter braking distance on wet surfaces; and
  • cold weather safety: improved performance on snow-covered roads.

The original Point S 4 Seasons tire was launched in July 2017.

The new version maintains the tire's rolling resistance and wet road performance. It also meets the requirements for winter tire certification with the three peak mountain snowflake designation, while offering all-season comfort.

This Point S 4 Seasons 2 range covers 21 sizes for passenger cars. A version for light trucks and van is also available in five sizes: the Point S 4 Seasons Van.

Like the other Point S tire products, the Point S 4 Seasons tire is available exclusively from Point S dealers.

“We are glad to extend our range with the Point S 4 Seasons 2 which allows us to continue meeting the needs of the market, while offering end consumers a new and more powerful tire,” says Emilie Faure, product manager for Point S.

The company says the tire "should make it possible to support retail margins for members in the point of sales, while continuing to offer good value for money for the end consumers, which is the market positioning targeted by Point S for all its private label range."

Point S will support the tire, available in June 2019 in Europe, with a marketing message of "four seasons, one tire" in all European countries.

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