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Yokohama adds to AVID line

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Yokohama Tire Corp. has added another tire to its AVID line, the AVID Touring-S. It will be available throughout the United States this fall in 19 sizes.


According to Dan King, Yokohama vice president of sales, the AVID Touring-S targets a wide range of cars, SUVs and minivans, including the Ford Focus, Mitsubishi Lancer, Nissan Altima, Honda CRV, Chevy Uplander, Dodge Caravan and Toyota Sienna.


The tire's elements include:


* a "twin stability rib" for better handling and reduced noise.


* sidewall construction that utilizes a hard rubber insert to help absorb bumps and vibrations.


* tapered rain channels that accelerate water into the outer grooves for optimal wet traction.


* special "cross traction sipes" that improve handling in adverse conditions.


* a "tri-plex" compound for increased tread life and traction on slick surfaces.


"The hallmark of a great tire is the technology that goes in before the tire is made," says King.




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