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Once Again, the Top Truck Tire Size Is 295/75R22.5

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Guess what the most popular original equipment and replacement truck tire sizes in the U.S. were in 2018? Here's a hint: The were the same as in 2017. And 2016. And 2015.

According to the preliminary edition of the latest U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) Factbook, the same five OE truck tire sizes -- in the same order -- have topped the truck tire size list for the last four years:

Top 5 OE Truck Tire Sizes in the U.S. in 2018

1. 295/75R22.5 29.8% 2. 11R22.5 28.5%
3. 275/80R22.5 10.4% 4. 225/70R19.5 8.0%
5. 11R24.5 6.0%    

The top five OE sizes represented 82.7% of the total OE truck tires shipped by USTMA members in 2018.

The top five replacement sizes also have been ranked in the same order for the last four years. Although the sizes are the same as the top OE sizes, the replacement rankings for 11R24.5 and 275/80R22 differ from the OE rankings.

Top 5 Replacement Truck Tire Sizes in the U.S. in 2018

1. 295/75R22.5 24.7% 2. 11R22.5 22.1%
3. 11R24.5 10.1% 4. 225/70R19.5 7.6%
5. 275/80R22.5 6.0%    

The top five replacement sizes represented 70.5% of the total replacement truck tires shipped by USTMA members in 2018.

Prior to 2015, size 275/80R22.5 was grouped with size 295/75R22.5 in the USTMA system because they had identical applications, said a USTMA spokesperson. From 2015-2017, they were reported as two different sizes. In 2019 (USTMA Factbook 2020), USTMA will return to its pre-2015 reporting "to more fairly represent the full market for this application."

USTMA's Factbook 2019 is a report on tire shipment activity in the United States for 2018. For information on how to purchase the report, visit

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