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2018 Was Another Big Year for Chinese Truck Tires in the U.S.

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China made a big comeback in 2018 in the truck tire market.

After a peak of 9.4 million truck tires in 2015, Chinese shipments dropped for two straight years — while the U.S. Department of Commerce and International Trade Commission investigated those imports and considered whether the tires should be subject to tariffs.

While no tariffs were levied at the conclusion of the investigation in 2017 — remember, that’s not a done deal at this point — the imports began to return.

Here’s a look at U.S. truck tire imports (in millions of units) from China since 2011, and the year-to-year percent change. Figures are from Modern Tire Dealer research and the 2019 Facts Section.

Year Units Percent change
2018 8.9 +37%
2017 6.5 -16.7%
2016 7.8 -17%
2015 9.4 +14.6%
2014 8.2 +30.1%
2013 6.3 +0.1%
2012 6.3 +13.5%
2011 5.5 +37.5%
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