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Hankook debuts AL07+ steer tire

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Hankook Tire America Corp. has introduced the AL07+ long-haul steer tire that offers increased durability and fuel efficiency.


The AL07+ uses a new mixing system, called Innovative Mixing System (IMS), which reinforces a strong bond of the materials and generates low heat to improve tire life. Other innovations also improve the tire’s durability.


The AL07+ has a decoupling groove to maximize tread wear. By minimizing the coupling movement between the tread and sidewall, this new groove helps decrease the amount of heat generated and is less susceptible to tearing.


Also, the profile of the tire is designed to wear evenly thanks to Hankook’s Stiffness Control Contour Technology (SCCT), which allows the internal force on the carcass to be distributed evenly around the tire to prevent concentrations in one specific point. This technology aids tire durability and helps extend the ability for retreading, the company says.


The tread design of the AL07+ includes four straight grooves that help improve fuel efficiency and handling. In addition, the grooves become more aggressive throughout wear to make sure performance isn’t sacrificed when tread depth is eroded.

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