MTD Exclusive: Automakers may get common TPMS sensors for their makes, models

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A universal, one-size-fits-all tire pressure monitoring system sensor might not be in the automotive industry's near -- or even distant -- future, but "we are much closer to a manufacturer getting a common sensor," Carl Wacker, global vice president of sales and marketing for Schrader Electronics Ltd., has told Modern Tire Dealer in an exclusive interview.

"As a supplier industry, we have created common fitment standards for tire pressure monitors," he said.

MTD: Do you foresee a time when all General Motors vehicles, to pick an example, will be able to use a single sensor?

Wacker: Not worldwide, but domestically very close. There's a legislative requirement that as long as it's a radio frequency device, i.e. a transmitter... different countries have different standards. If you can get all of the countries in the world together to agree on the same standard, you may have a universal sensor. But I do see a day very soon where you might have one for all of North America.

MTD: Within the next five years?

Wacker: Yes, we're working toward that.

MTD: So within Toyota there could be a universal Toyota sensor, within Ford there could be a universal Ford sensor?

Wacker: There could be a Ford sensor across the board within a geographic region.

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