Two fuel efficiency bills get unfavorable treatment

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Proposed fuel efficiency bills in both Maryland and Connecticut have been effectively muted for now.

The Maryland House of Delegates Environment Subcommittee of the Environmental Matters Committee gave a unanimous unfavorable recommendation to House Bill (HB) 608, a measure to establish a fuel efficiency program for tires.

This action effectively kills the legislation for the session, according to the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA).

Additionally, after first being stripped of the tire fuel efficiency provisions by the Joint General Law Committee earlier in the legislative session, two similar proposed bills in Connecticut, SB 6797 and HB 6254, recently missed the committee's March 13th "joint favorable" reporting deadline.

Although the issue could technically be brought back for consideration by either chamber, by missing this deadline, tire fuel efficiency legislation is effectively dead in Connecticut for the remainder of the year.

Representatives from the RMA met with key legislators in both states to convey tire manufacturers' concerns and to educate members about RMA's advocacy for a federal tire rolling resistance consumer information measure. RMA Vice President and Deputy General Counsel Tracey Norberg tesitified against the Maryland legislation in Annapolis on March 7.

The RMA worked closely with the Tire Industry Association in both states to coordinate activities. In Connecticut, the Connecticut Tire Dealers & Retreaders Association also weighed in with lawmakers to express concern about what it considered harmful measures by the legislature.

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