RMA opposes 'tire efficiency' measure in Maryland

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The Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) is urging Maryland legislators to not pursue a bill that would create a rating system for tire rolling resistance, stating that a national consumer education program would be better.

The bill, HB 608, also would require minimum efficiency standards for tires, according to RMA officials.

RMA Vice President and Deputy General Counsel Tracey Norberg says attempts to emphasize tire fuel efficiency over other performance traits "would have tradeoffs."

It's also believed that mandates for low rolling resistance tires would "exacerbate scrap tire management issues."

Instead, the RMA recommends the creation of a nation consumer education program on rolling resistance instead of states tackling the issue on an individual basis.

"A national program would obviate the need for states to develop their own consumer education programs and facilitate nationwide distribution of tire efficiency consumer information," says Norberg.

"A single, nationwide program would allow citizens in all states to make more informed tire purchasing decisions and avoid duplicative and potentially conflicting state requirements that would confuse customers."

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