Beissbarth USA: 'Bosch acquisition will be huge'

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The Bosch Group's intended acquisition of Beissbarth GmbH will be a major boon for Beissbarth's business in the United States, says Dan Hubbard, sales manager for Beissbarth USA.

"It'd be a fantastic marriage," Hubbard says of the deal, which must undergo regulatory approval in Germany, where Bosch and Beissbarth are headquartered.

"They already have a diagnostic division and they have their face in front of all the original equipment manufacturers.

"Bosch has a well-recognized name and that will help us in the U.S. market."

Bosch announced its plan to acquire Beissbarth, which manufactures a touchless alignment system and other tire-related equipment, earlier today, Feb. 16.

Hubbard expects the transaction to close within four weeks.

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