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A Free 475-Point Inspection?! Of Course Not. But Maybe You are Missing Something

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A Free 475-Point Inspection?! Of Course Not. But Maybe You are Missing Something

Would the time and cost of offering a free 475-point vehicle inspection be worth possible added sales for services rendered?

Talk about value-added!

As part of its vehicle service contract, Allstate Insurance Co. offers four plans to vehicle owners.

The Basic Care plan covers 65-plus parts. The Standard Care plan covers 175-plus parts. The Preferred Care plan covers 275-plus parts. And the Premier Care plan covers more than 475 parts!

We at Modern Tire Dealer are not suggesting you check every component on a vehicle when it comes in for service. However, a look at  examples of Allstate’s list of covered parts in each plan might give you an idea of what to add to your own inspection procedure, whether or not you charge for it.



Cylinder block

Cylinder head

Engine mounts

Exhaust manifold


Harmonic balancer

Intake manifold

Internally lubricated parts

Oil pan

Oil pump

Timing belt/chain


Valve covers

Water pump


Bell housing

Electronic shift control unit

Flex plate and ring gear

Internally lubricated parts

Torque converter

Transfer case

Transfer case internally lubricated parts

Transmission mounts

Transmission pan

Transmission/transaxle case

Valve body


Axle bearings

Constant velocity joints/boots

Differential axle housing/case and cover

Drive axle shafts

Drive shafts

Four wheel drive locking hubs

Internally lubricated parts

Universal joints STANDARD CARE = 175+ PARTS


Brake booster

Brake pedal assembly


Electronic control unit

High pressure hydraulic pump

Master cylinder

Solenoids and accumulator

Wheel cylinders

Wheel speed sensors


Clutch, coil and pulley




Expansion valve

Hi/low pressure cut off switch

Hi/low pressure lines

Manual climate control head

Orifice tube

Receiver dryer


Center drag link

Idler arm

Pitman arm

Power steering hoses

Power steering pump

Rack and pinion housing and internal parts

Steering column shaft

Steering gear housing and internal parts

Tie rod ends


Ball joints

Radius arms and bushings

Stabilizer bars, bushings and links

Steering knuckle

Torsion bars, mounts and bushings

Upper and lower control arms, shafts and bushings


Fuel distribution rails

Fuel level sending unit

Fuel pump (mechanical or electrical)

Fuel pump relay



Back up light switch

Brake/stop light switch

Courtesy light/door jam switch

Glove box light switch

Ignition switch and ignition lock cylinder assembly

Manually operated switches

Multi-function switch (steering column)

Neutral safety switch

Starter motor and solenoid

Voltage regulator

Wiper motors

Washer pumps and switchesPREFERRED CARE = 275+ PARTS


Air ducts and outlet hoses

Automatic temperature control programmer

Blower motor and fan

Electronic climate control head

Heater control valve

Heater core

HVAC control cables


Coil springs, seats and bushings

Leaf spring shackles and bushings


Wheel and hub bearings


Coolant recovery tank

Coolant temperature sensor

Cooling fan motors (radiator/condenser)

Cooling fan sensors

Engine block heater

Fan blades




Accelerator pedal

Fuel distributor

Fuel injection/metering pump

Fuel injection mixture control processor and sensors

Fuel injectors

Fuel pressure regulator

Fuel tank, filler neck and O-ring

IAC motor

Mass air flow sensor

Metal fuel lines and fittings

Oxygen sensor

Throttle body


Body control module (BCM)

Camshaft position sensor

Crank shaft position sensor

Electronic ignition module

Electronic instrument cluster

Engine control module (ECM)


Ignition coils

Ignition distributor

Knock sensor

Map/courtesy light assembly

MAP sensor

Power antenna assembly

Powertrain control module (PCM)

Transmission control module (TCM)

Vehicle speed sensor

Wiring harnesses


Convertible top motor

Cruise control

Dash gauges

Driver information center

Electronic entry/security system

Power door lock actuators

Power door lock motors

Power headlamp motors

Power mirror motors

Power seat motors

Power trunk solenoid

Power trunk/tailgate actuator

Power window motors

Rear window defogger

Radio/equalizer/CD player

Sunroof motor

Window regulators



All internal fasteners

Harmonic bolt and pulley

Seals and gaskets

Timing tensioner

Timing cover

Timing gears

Waste gate


Electronic shift control unit and solenoids

Transmission/transaxle case

Seals and gaskets

Vacuum modulator

Viscous coupler


Center support and bearings

Couplings/flex disc

Drive shaft yokes

Four wheel drive engagement actuator/motor

Front wheel drive axle shafts

Rear wheel drive axle shafts

Seals and gaskets


Backing plate


Hydraulic brake booster

Metal hydraulic lines and fittings

Pressure modulator control/isolation dump valves

Proportioning and combination valves

Seals and gaskets

Vacuum assist booster


Air ducts and outlet hoses

Automatic temperature control programmer

Bearing and pulley

Blower fan

Blower motor

Electronic climate control head

Heater control valve

Heater core

Hi/low pressure hose and metal A/C lines

HVAC control cables

Idler pulley and bearing

Oil and refrigerant (when required with covered repair)


Seals and gaskets

Serpentine belt tensioner


Reservoir and internal parts

Seals and gaskets

Steering column couplings and bearings


Coil springs, seats and bushings

Control arm shafts and bushings

Leaf spring shackles and bushings

Links and bushings

Mounts and bushings

Seals and gaskets


Spindle support

Stabilizer bars


Strut/track bars

Wheel and hub bearings


Accelerator pedal control processor/module

Fuel distributor

Fuel injection/metering pump

Fuel injection mixture

Fuel injection mixture control sensors

Fuel injectors

Fuel pressure regulator

Fuel tank

IAC motor

Mass air flow sensor

Metal fuel lines and fittings

Oxygen sensor

Seals and gaskets and lift pump

Tank filler neck and O-ring

Throttle body

Throttle cable

Throttle linkage

Throttle position sensor


Front wiper motor

Headlamp switch

Power lock switch

Power window switch

Rear wiper motor

Starter motor and solenoid

Turn signal switch

Voltage regulator

Wiper motor relay and delay switch/module


Cooling fan relay

Fan clutch

Fan shroud

Seals and gaskets

Thermostat housing


Rear window defogger


A/C-Heater air box

Adjustable pedal motors

Cigarette lighter

Head lamp motors

Headlight dimmer module

Head rest or ceiling DVD players

Heated seat systems

LED signal mirror

Lighted vanity mirror

Outside mirror memory modules

Power head rest motor

Power seat module

Power vent window motors

Rear power window shade

Recirculation doors and motors

Seat memory modules

Seat recliners

Sunroof guides, tracks and cables

Washer motor

NOTE: Examples of excluded parts include components covered by manufacturer’s warranty; brake drums, rotors, pads and linings; spark plugs; batteries; and windshield wipers.

Ice and snow may be just around the corner: Don’t forget about the relationship between temperature and winter tires

Autumn starts on Sept. 22 in the Northern Hemisphere. The winter season starts three months later on Dec. 21. However, some states begin experiencing temperature drops earlier than the official onset of winter.

For example, the average high in Alaska in October is 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Because winter tire tread compounds are engineered to remain flexible below 45 degrees F, the winter tire selling season may fall between autumn and winter. The same is true in Quebec and European countries where the use of winter tires is mandatory.

According to Reinalt-Thomas Corp., which does business as Discount Tire in most of the U.S. and online, the difference between all-season tires and winter tires is noticeable.

“By the time temperatures drop below 45 degrees, all-season tires are hard enough to begin losing traction. This makes braking, accelerating and cornering less reliable.”

And what does Discount Tire tell its customers? “All-season rubber compounds are optimized for longevity and ride comfort. This is great for spring, summer and fall driving, but it makes winter driving unreliable at best, and dangerous at worst.”

According to research from Pirelli & Cie SpA, the differences are not about small changes that only test drivers and experts might notice.

“Even regular drivers, particularly of the increasingly popular SUVs and crossovers, will easily be able to notice the difference in terms of car dynamics.”

 It’s all a matter of timing, says Pirelli. If your customers buy the tires too soon, the softer shoulder of winter tires and the wide grooves accentuate the car’s drift when turning, “which increases the likelihood of understeering when going into the corner and oversteering when coming out, as well as lateral rolling of the car.”

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