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How Ford is taking food off your table

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Which competitor provides the biggest challenge to your profitability? Is it a tire company-owned store? Sears? Sam's Club?

Perhaps your local muffler shop takes business away from you. Or are independent dealers your strongest competition?

Auto dealerships have increased their share of the consumer tire market more than any other channel in the last eight years. And Ford Motor Co., which is the only vehicle manufacturer in the United States with its own retail tire stores, is leading the way.

Ford recently decided to up the ante in an attempt to increase its tire sales. Find out what the company did in the latest blog from Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich, "What Ford is doing to take tire sales away from you."

Are auto dealerships the bane of your existence? Does it matter if it is a domestic dealership or foreign transplant? Does it matter if they sell the same tire brands as you?

First read the blog. Then let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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