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Extended Life Oil Filter from IDUSA

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Extended Life Oil Filter from IDUSA

International Distributors USA Inc. (IDUSA), a global supply network of automotive replacement parts, has announced its new line of Premium Guard Extended Life Oil Filters to meet the need for filters that meet the performance requirements of vehicle manufacturers’ extended oil change intervals.

The new Premium Guard line is designed to deliver engine protection up to 10,000 miles when used with synthetic oil. It is engineered with a high capacity for trapping and holding dirt. Based on a test conducted by South West Research Institute (SWRI), it offers 98% Multi-Pass Particle Removal Efficiency, which offers over 98% weighted average efficiency through the life of the filter.

According to Anan Bishara IDUSA CEO, “More car makers are calling for extended oil change intervals in an increasing number of models. These now include key manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Chrysler, GM, Jeep, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, and VW. This trend is growing quickly and will fundamentally transform the oil-change segment of industry.”

The new Premium Guard Extended Life line includes 11 spin-on oil filters and 25 cartridge oil filters. The new product line is made with premium components to improve both performance and reliability.

The spin-on filters include a silicon gasket and anti-drain valve that can handle extreme temperatures from -40 degrees F to +400 degrees F, a silicon anti-drain valve that offers longevity and higher retention power to protect the engine during start up, a 0.5mm steel can housing to withstand high pressures, and a built-in relief valve that by-passes the filter media in the event of blockage to prevent oil starvation.

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