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TCS adds mobile capability to retread software

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TCS Technologies, a provider of software and Internet marketing services to the tire and auto service industry, has introduced a paperless work order entry feature as part of its TreadTracks retreading system.

The mobile entry feature allows work order entry from mobile devices by customers on the road or at a retreading facility before a retreader arrives on site.

The technology enables retreaders to arrive at a customer location with a printed work order already entered into the TreadTracks software system. Retreaders can create a digital document with easy retrieval and reprinting or review at a later date.

Mobile work order entry also includes the ability to accept signatures on screen.

“We identified a need not being met in the retread space and have delivered a seamless solution for today’s leading edge retread companies,” says Barry Reese, TCS president. 

“Our retreaders are very pleased with the way this new feature streamlines their processes.”

The company's TreadTracks system manages the retread process from the time the tire is picked up through the finished delivery. TCS says the enterprise grade system handles operations from one to one hundred or more locations and gives unprecedented visibility as to how to most efficiently manage a retread plant.

TCS has several installations of TreadTracks across North America in multiple languages.

For more information about the TreadTracks Retread System contact a TCS representative at 888-449-8473 or visit the company’s website.

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