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4 simple ways to make mobile customers happy

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4 simple ways to make mobile customers happy

Interested in easy-to-follow best practices designed to turn more mobile users into buyers? Nate Lehmann has the scoop.

Lehmann is tire and automotive sales manager for 50 Below, a provider of eCommerce websites owned by ARI Network Services Inc. Here is a Q&A with him, courtesy of ARI, that addresses "four simple ways to make mobile customers happy."

Q: What’s the first thing that tire and wheel dealers should keep in mind when trying to make mobile customers happy?

Lehmann: Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. If you’re a mobile device user yourself, you’ve probably noticed that how you access and view information on a mobile device is very different than when you use a desktop or laptop. By using larger buttons, more concise copy, and easy and intuitive icons for navigation, your website will be easier to use on any mobile device. Your goal is to provide the best customer experience on all devices -- desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Q: Are there other best practices you recommend beyond the basics?

Lehmann: Absolutely. Dealers can make sure that their website provides a great mobile experience by following a few simple guidelines:

1. Include your location, hours of operation, contact information, and product information. These are the top four pieces of information mobile customers want to see.

2. Deliver the right information on demand and in a user-friendly, intuitive way.

3. Provide easy mobile navigation with intuitive icons, and expandable and collapsible navigation. Mobile users want an easy experience. They demand it.

4. Give browsers fast load times on any device. Think five seconds or less. If they don’t find what they want in seconds, they will move on to your competitor.

Q: Can you clarify what you mean by “right information”?  Is there particular content that dealers should focus on?

Lehmann: Yes. If dealers really want to engage mobile customers and prospects, they should make it as easy as possible for visitors to:

* find products. A good mobile website lets customers easily browse products, sales, promotions, and business information even on a four-inch screen.

* contact you. With a smartphone, a customer can shift from shopping to calling with a simple finger tap. A good mobile website will help customers make contact, whether through email, contact forms, business address, or a simple phone call.

* buy products. As people become more comfortable with m-Commerce, smartphone-specific sales will increase.

Q: What’s the last piece of advice you would give a dealer on the topic?

Lehmann: When customers want to buy something, get out of the way and let them. According to a Google study, 81% of smartphone shopping is done spur-of-the-moment. A dealer’s website should help customers find the products they want, and once they find them, provide a seamless buying experience.

Remove stumbling blocks that can prevent visitors from buying from you. Give them shopping options. For example, if you have multiple locations, let them pick which store to shop at. And, most of all, show them an easy path to the purchase, including clear icons, intuitive navigation, and the ability to save their personal information.

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