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Michelin XDS 2 is 10% better than the XDS

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Michelin XDS 2 is 10% better than the XDS

Michelin Retread Technologies Inc. has launched the Michelin XDS 2 Pre-Mold retread. It is designed for year-round traction on the drive axle.

The Michelin XDS 2 Pre-Mold is designed to deliver traction for the life of the tread, and has a 10% improvement in tread life compared to its predecessor, the XDS Pre-Mold, according to Ted Becker, vice president of marketing for Michelin Americas Truck Tires, a division of Michelin North America Inc.

“Its ability to provide excellent snow, water and mud evacuation makes the XDS 2 the ideal retread for demanding and changing weather conditions.”

The XDS 2 Pre-Mold has the following traction features:

* a 25/32-inch tread depth;

* deep sipes with zig-zag groove walls;

* V-shaped transverse shoulder grooves.

The tread life improvement results from an engineered tread compound that delivers wear resistance in high scrub applications; a wide contact patch for force distribution; and a directional tread that reduces heal/toe wear.

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