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Used wheel weights are challenge to recycle

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By mandate or by choice, about half of the North American market has switched to lead-free wheel weights. The transition is creating issues for tire shops as some recyclers who previously accepted used lead weights are refusing the lead-free alternatives.

“Because there are so many different materials out in today’s market, it is becoming harder for shops to be able to separate their wheel weights into lead and non-lead containers for recycling return,” says Greg Parker, marketing manager at Perfect Equipment Inc.

“A lot of bullet casters will still buy used weights and sort them themselves, but some lead-only battery recyclers have claimed that they don’t want the mixed media.”

Parker says it is important for the market to know that lead-only battery recyclers are not the only scrap wheel weight buyers in the market.

Who is recycling non-lead wheel weights?

Is traceability an issue?

Which wheel weight manufacturers offer recycling programs for weights made from non-lead materials?

What is the Tire Industry Association’s advice for transitioning away from lead?

To find out, see Used wheel weights in the electronic or print version of the August issue of Modern Tire Dealer.


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