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ATD dealer doubles wheel sales in DUB Program

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ATD dealer doubles wheel sales in DUB Program

In spring of 2012, independent tire dealer Mike Miculinich decided to reinvigorate his wheel sales by signing on to American Tire Distributors’ (ATD) exclusive DUB Garage Dealer Program at his four Auto Tech Centers in the Chicago suburbs.

From 2011 to 2012, his wheel sales more than doubled, and by June 2013, he had surpassed his 2012 annual sales.

“It’s a priority now,” says Miculinich. “We used to sell rims but never did a good job until we partnered with ATD on its DUB Garage Program. The program offers a ‘dealer locator’ on multiple wheel brand websites which helps consumers find us.”

Miculinich says he also has access to exclusive brands, monthly rebates, staff training, in-store displays, marketing support, a customer service center staffed with knowledgeable wheel specialists and a dedicated wheel sales representative.

“As an authorized dealer in the DUB Garage Program we’ve seen new customers coming to our store and we have an increased level of confidence with wheel sales,” he says. “This increased exposure has helped establish Auto Tech Centers as a professional wheel retailer in the eyes of our customer.”

ATD’s Dub Garage Program arose from the company’s exclusive marketing alliance with DUB Magazine which began in October 2011. The program leverages the multiple properties owned and managed by DUB, including the magazine, media tour and websites.

In addition, ATD gained exclusive rights to distribute the TIS and Dropstars brands owned by TIS Industries, along with a special Monster Energy Edition Off-Road Wheel available in both TIS and Dropstars brands. ATD carries more than 200 wheel styles as well as other brands, including Motiv and Gear.

Starting in 2011, ATD has offered the DUB Garage Dealer Program to a select number of tire and wheel retailers. The company wants to establish 250 nationwide Dub Garage Dealers.

“The Dub Garage Program has been very successful for all of us, especially our participating dealers”, says Brain Moyer, ATD’s director of wheel sales.

ATD says the program allows a dealer to plug directly into the power of the DUB brand and gives them increased consumer visibility. This marketing, combined with the support of ATD’s distribution, and access to over 200,000 wheels, gives Dub Garage dealers significant resources for driving increased wheel sales.

“My advice to dealers who haven’t invested in wheels is to do it. There are sales and profits waiting for you,” says Miculinich.

Dealers interested in learning more about the DUB Garage Program should contact ATD’s Wheel Customer Service Center at 877-ATD-WHEELS (283-9433) or your local ATD warehouse.

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