If truckers in Dallas want handouts, TRIB will be ready

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The Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB) will exhibit at the 2008 Great American Trucking Show in August.

The event will be held Aug. 21-23 at the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas, Texas.

TRIB will be displaying a variety of retreaded truck tires in its booth, including wide-base retreads. It also will be distributing printed materials, along with CDs and DVDs, about retreaded tires, tire repairing, tire maintenance and other tire related subjects of benefit to truckers, fleet maintenance personnel and trucking company management.

In addition, TRIB will be handing out its "Retread Tire Buyers Guide" and materials from TRIB members. TRIB's booth number is 13059.

TRIB Managing Director Harvey Brodsky and staff member Rachel Lewis will be manning the booth. Joining them will be TRIB members who have volunteered to help.

"We would especially like to visit with those who are prejudiced against retreads," says Brodsky. "This would be a good time for them to learn just how sophisticated, high-tech and precise the retread industry is. It is a far cry from just a few years ago.

“The fact is, retreaded tires provide the same safety, reliability, performance and handling as tires that have never been retreaded. And retreaded tires keep getting better and better, with continuous improvements in quality and durability.”

For additional information, visit the TRIB Web site at

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