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Tire Rack, Nissan offer tips for Tire Safety Week

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For National Tire Safety Week June 2-8, 2013, Nissan is offering tips* to drivers for a safer transition into the summer driving season.

Topping the list of safety advice: Monitor and maintain proper tire pressure. Available on five Nissan vehicles, including the 2014 Versa Note, Nissan highlights the importance of tire pressure monitoring systems, like the company’s “Easy Fill Tire Alert” technology, with an audio news release.

The special audio package features sound bites detailing the importance of vehicle tire care during summer driving season from John Curl, senior manager for product planning at Nissan North America.

Nissan and want your customers to know that for a safer summer behind the wheel, follow these tips:

  • Don’t risk a blowout, test your tire pressure regularly. Because tire inflation pressure cannot be accurately estimated through visual inspection, it should be checked at a minimum both once a month and before trips to ensure you refill lost pressure and discover any leaks. Check tires “cold” for the most accurate reading.
  • Check your spare. Putting underinflated spare tires into service greatly increases the risk of catastrophic failure. Check your spare’s tire pressure monthly with the rest of the set.
  • Test your treads. Tires worn down to the standards of the “Lincoln Penny Test” can put you at risk on wet roads. Switch out that penny for a quarter to determine if you have enough remaining tread depth to handle rainy conditions safely. If part of Washington’s head is always visible when the coin is inserted into the tread, you have approximately 4/32-inch of tread depth remaining and it’s time to consider replacing your tires.
  • Adjust for extra load. Whether towing a boat or simply loading up with passengers and luggage, you may need to increase your tire pressure to accommodate the additional weight of the load. Refer to your owner’s manual and/or the tire placard for recommended pressures.
  • Avoid Potholes. Driving through just one “large” pothole, even in the summer, can weaken a tire, reducing its long-term durability and ride quality. Potholes can also knock a vehicle out of alignment, reducing handling and tire life. Drive around large puddles -- they often hide deep, rain-filled potholes.

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*Source:, third-party expert resource.

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