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Heavy-duty tire changer, balancer from Bee Line

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Heavy-duty tire changer, balancer from Bee Line

Bee Line Co., in partnership with Corghi USA Inc., offers the HD700 Tire Changer and ET66 Wheel Balancer.

The ET66 is a user-friendly tire balancer capable of handling a maximum tire weight of 440 pounds. This extremely compact model utilizes an integrated lift, making the technician’s job effortless with less chance of any injury, notes Bee Line. The balancer’s energy-saving, slower speed of 75 RPM reduces the risks associated with rotating parts, and its spin time is just 17 seconds. The ET66 also moves easily on casters when floor space is at a premium.

The HD700 Electrohydraulic Tire Changer for servicing trucks, buses or industrial vehicles, features a versatile design including a ramp on the carriage with left-right movement allowing technicians to easily maneuver and accurately place heavy truck tires onto the jaws. Tubeless or inner tube-type tires, as well as skid steer tires, can be slid on or off the rim quickly and effortlessly, thus increasing shop productivity and profits.

The HD700 was designed to accommodate rim sizes from 14- to 26-inch. This is the ideal machine for the professional who needs an operator-friendly, cost effective solution, but refuses to sacrifice quality, notes Bee Line.

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