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Falken's Summer Promo runs through July

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Falken's Summer Promo runs through July

On June 1, 2013, Falken Tire Corp. launched its “Summer Travel Promotion” featuring a $50 cash-back, mail-in rebate program for consumers who are planning both summer travel trips and driving great distances. The promotion runs through the end of July.

Qualifying tires include the Sincera SN211, a touring tire that offers an 80,000-mile warranty, and the Ziex ZE-914 EcoRun, a Low Rolling Resistance eco-tire designed for fuel efficiency.

The promotion is available at participating Falken Tire retailers. Consumers must purchase a set of four tires to earn the $50 cash back mail-in rebate.

“According to our studies, the summer season shows the highest amount of miles driven by consumers compared to the rest of the year,” says Andrew Hoit, vice president of marketing.

“What better time than now to offer a rebate program on a reliable high mileage tire such as the SN211. Our ZE-914 line featuring low rolling resistance technology is also great for those looking to save money on fuel consumption, and with a $50 rebate, the incentive to upgrade to a new set of tires is there.”

The Sincera SN211 falls under Falken’s touring category, and is available in a wide range of OE sizes from 14- to 18-inch to enhance the look of popular coupes, sedans and wagons.

Falken says the Ziex ZE-914 EcoRun doubles its value by way of a low rolling resistance compound engineered with fuel efficiency and economy in mind while delivering maximum value. Sizes run from 15 to 18 inches, with speed ratings of H, V and W.

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