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TIA: Go green with best management practices

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The Tire Industry Association (TIA) has issued five best management practices for the environment. The documents are available for download free of charge on TIA’s website

“TIA is pleased to offer these best management practices to the industry as part of our commitment to make the tire industry more environmentally-friendly,” said TIA Executive Vice President Roy Littlefield.

The best practices were developed by TIA’s Environmental Advisory Council (EAC). Each practice describes procedures for handling, transporting, recycling and/or disposing of items such as used oil, fluids, degreasers, and batteries.

TIA’s environmental library includes best management practices for:

* transitioning the tire industry away from lead wheel weights;

* managing used oil;

* contaminant release prevention at automotive service centers;

* automotive shop fluids; and

* managing automotive batteries.

“We hope that TIA members will access and follow the best practices. By doing so, businesses can become more environmentally responsible, increase profitability and reduce liability,” says TIA EAC Co-Chair Dick Gust.

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