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B&J Rocket settles with steel supplier

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B&J Rocket America Inc. announced that it has reached an out-of-court settlement in the U.S. with its former steel supplier that provided the company with low-grade steel that was falsely certified as high-grade. B&J Rocket agreed not to disclose the name of the supplier as part of the settlement.

B&J Rocket suffered a large financial loss following the discovery of the low-grade steel, which had been used to produce buffing blades that failed in the field. B&J’s R&D department conducted extensive measures to identify the problem that was appearing more frequently.

The company finally determined the failures were due to low-quality steel after conducting expensive testing. B&J had to track down the blades produced with flawed steel, which was extremely tedious and difficult, the company says.

B&J Rocket managed to withdraw almost 100% of defect buffing blades and replace them with good ones.

The related damage was negotiated in a 2 ½ yearlong litigation with the steel supplier which has now ended with an out-of-court settlement.

“We are relieved and happy that we can finally close this case,” explains Andreas Müller, managing director of B&J Rocket.

“Looking back, the whole story also had a positive angle. A complete and intensive recheck was conducted on the entire production plant, resulting in considerable improvements along the line. We now have the most technologically advanced facility for the production of buffing blades and can guarantee an even more consistent and therefore better quality of our blades – all for the benefit of our customers.”

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