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Florida rule amended to add unsafe used tire bill

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The Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) reports that on April 23, 2013, the Florida Senate Appropriations Committee amended SB 1132, a state transportation bill, with the language from SB 1588, a bill to prohibit the sale of unsafe used tires.

The committee accepted the amendment by voice vote and passed the underlying bill, SB 1132, unanimously. The RMA-supported unsafe used tire legislation is now contained within SB 1132.

SB 1132 is considered to be “must-pass” legislation during this session of the Florida Legislature, which adjourns on May 3. SB 1132 is expected to be scheduled for Senate floor consideration in the coming days. Should it pass the Senate, it will be sent to the House. If the House makes changes, it will have to come back to the Senate before adjournment on May 3.

If the unsafe used tire rule becomes law in Florida, enforcing it will be the next step.

“In Florida it would fall under the Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act which is enforceable by the State Attorney General,” says Dan Zielinski, RMA’s senior vice president of public affairs.

A similar bill, SB 459, is making its way through the Texas legislature and is slightly different from the Florida rule.

"The Texas bill has another provision attached to it related to the transport of scrap tires,” explains Zielinski. “Other than that it’s a standalone bill. It will be enforced under the state transportation code as a misdemeanor in Texas, which would be enforced by the local district attorneys.”

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