30 people weigh in on proposed used tire ban

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30 people weigh in on proposed used tire ban

Should used tires be banned? That is the ultimate question. For now, the issue of "unsafe" used tires is at the forefront of legislation in Texas. And the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) is in the middle of it.

A Texas Senate committee is considering a bill that prohibits the sale of unsafe used tires "that are readily available and pose a significant risk to motorists."

In addition to the initial news item, Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich ran a blog on the topic. That's where the fun began.

The teaser item for both the blog and the news item, "Will used tires become illegal?" elicited two dozen comments. Here are some excerpts:

* "The issue is one of awareness and the backing of the manufacturers' assurances, insurances, and warranties."

* "Will 'used tire' define take-off tires whose previous owners have upgraded the tires on their new vehicle? Big brother is opening another can of worms."

* "Who will lose when used tires become illegal to sell? Primarily low-income households, farmers, ranchers and urban commuters who travel a few slow miles each day to work."

* "The issue is a sticky one. Common sense once made sense. Now, no one has to answer for having no common sense. It goes to court."

* "Most of these dealers tell me that they make more money on the sale of a used tire versus a new one. This is why its a lucrative, albeit risky, business to be in."

* "There simply isn't anything to fall back on in case of a failure. One lawsuit could put you out of business tommorrow. RMA shouldn't push to hard because new tires also fail."

* "In my opinion, anyone who sells someone a used tire is foolish. In today's society, if anything happens to a vehicle after you worked on it, it is automatically your fault. I will not do it and have never done so."

* "If this is the case, then tires should never be repaired because we do not know what road condition the tire has been through."

That's just the tip of the iceberg. To read more comments, click here.

You also can read the original news item that started it all by clicking "RMA supports ban of 'unsafe' used tires." There are two comments following that item, as well.

Finally, the blog tries to put the issue in perspective. To read Ulrich's take on the matter -- and four more comments -- click "Used tires get abused in Texas state legislature."

Thirty comments and counting. Join in the conservation!

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