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Tenneco to consumers: shocks, struts ‘Get Old’

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Tenneco to consumers: shocks, struts ‘Get Old’

Tenneco Inc., manufacturer of Monroe shock absorbers and struts, has launched an integrated marketing campaign that reminds millions of vehicle owners that ride control components – like other, more visible consumer products – eventually wear out and need to be replaced.

Featuring the message “Everything Gets Old. Even Your Shocks,” the campaign draws parallels between worn shocks and struts and a broad range of consumer items that eventually show clear signs of age, including bananas, shoes, socks, tires, and toothbrushes.

“Ride control components aren’t as visible as many other consumer products, but they play a crucial role in delivering safe steering, stopping and stability,” says Monroe brand manager Carri Irby.

“The ‘Everything Gets Old’ message reminds vehicle owners that worn shocks and struts can compromise the safety of their vehicle  and should be replaced at 50,000 miles or 80,000 kilometers.”

The campaign includes print, online and network radio ad placements and more than 200 strategically selected roadside billboards across the U.S. and Canada. The “Everything Gets Old” message also will appear in high-visibility behind-the-plate and baseline banners in several leading Major League Baseball stadiums. Digital placements include engagement-driven Web banners, “in-app” music/radio ads and a variety of elements designed specifically for users of mobile electronic devices.

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