General Tire Mint 400 Preview

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Watch videohighlighting Team GT and their thoughts on the General Tire Mint 400.

The month of March doesn’t signify March Madness for everyone.  To some, March signifies the running of the General Tire Mint 400 in Las Vegas, NV.  Steeped in history, the General Tire Mint 400 is known as one of the most grueling off-road races.  The 92-mile loop presents sharp rock beds, deep silt, pavement, and everything else the Nevada desert has to offer.  Team GT member, Justin Lofton, describes the Mint 400 as, “The most grueling off-road race you’ll ever put yourself through.” 

For a more detailed account of just what the Mint 400 entails, watch the video Team GT members put together describing what it takes to prepare, how important tires are, loop versus straight line racing, and their most memorable General Tire Mint 400 moment.  As for what it will take to win, Harley Letner says, “Just grab a hold of the wheel and give it gas and hold on.”  He finished with, “Hope you don’t make any mistakes.”  A tall order when a driver must mentally and physically endure a rigorous 400 miles in addition to having faith that their equipment will stand the test.  It’s a challenge that General’s red letter Grabber’s are up for.

“Tires are important at every race, especially the Mint,” said Garrick Freitas.  “You have the rock beds, the sandy washes and just a variety of everything.”

Team GT veteran-driver Randy Merritt added, “The General tires hook up really good and we’ve had really great luck ever since we’ve been running them.  At this race I think we’re going to do really well with these tires.”

The 2013 General Tire Mint 400 will be held Saturday, March 23.  Prior to the race, there are plenty of events happening in Las Vegas.  Join Team GT members Wednesday afternoon as they parade their race vehicles down the Las Vegas strip.  Then on Thursday, all members of Team GT will be signing autographs on Fremont Street beginning at 4:30 p.m.  Team GT members Lofton, Freitas, Letner, Ray Griffith, and Camburg Racing will also be participating in the second-annual pit crew competition beginning at 6:30 p.m. on Fremont Street.  For more information on the General Tire Mint 400 or any of the events associated with it, visit

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