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Accurately inflate 5 tires at a time!

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The Mobile Tire Pressure Equalizer is a high-flow, dual regulator tire inflation system engineered to accurately read tire pressure and inflate/deflate up to five tires at once.

Manufactured by Innovative Products of America (IPA), the new product is a "fast and efficient method to accurately read and inflate tire pressure on multiple tires -- up to five -- at the same time," according to the company. It is designed to "help fleets ensure they are realizing the greatest fuel economy and tire life possible to help reduce costs."

The Mobile Tire Pressure Equalizer is equipped with the following:

* two integrated, high-capacity air regulators, and

* two accurate, high-resolution, glycerin- filled pressure gauges for consistent and precise tire pressure readings.

The unit is mounted on a welded steel cart with pneumatic tires, and features wheel-specific, color-coded hoses with corresponding panel indicators and convenient hose hangers. It is manufactured in the United States.

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