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Hankook vs. Bridgestone: David vs. Goliath?

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Bridgestone Americas Inc. recently added Major League Baseball to its list of major sports marketing partners. How does that affect Hankook Tire America Corp.?

Why would it affect Hankook, you ask?

The move by Bridgestone seems to one-up Hankook, which has had marketing agreements with a number of major league parks to display its signage during games since 2001. But the comparison between the two tire manufacturers is complicated.

Is "Goliath" Bridgestone really competing against "David" Hankook?

To find out more, click on "Dueling sports marketing campaigns: Bridgestone vs. Hankook," the latest blog by Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich. Or you can check out his B.O.B. blog on

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