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Coats tire changer saves time, reduces risks

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Hennessy Industries Inc.'s Coats ProGuard Leverless Tire Changer reduces the risk of damage associated with changing over-sized, run-flat and low-profile tires and takes the strain out of tire changing.

Lifting, prepping, bead-loosening, mounting and demounting can all be done with easy-to-use controls from a single operator location.

The tire changer comes equipped with the following features:

* Leverless power duckhead: eliminates traditional tire tools that can mar the surface and enables a more controlled mount/demount process.

* Protective pedestal and center lock design: detachable center post locks regular or reverse-mount wheels securely in position at the strongest part of the wheel. Plus, a non-marring replaceable cover protects even the most delicate wheels.

* Built-in adjustable wheel lift: eliminates manually placing heavy tire and wheel assemblies over the clamping chuck.

* Bead-loosener disc and tower: loosens beads easily and effectively. Easy-to-use controls keep the disc at the proper location on the tire – safely away from the wheel. After you clear the rim edge, the disc advances to maintain pressure on the bead, not the sidewall – with the press of one button. Settings can be locked in for the next wheel.

* Robo-Arm: a power-assisted device for mounting run-flat and low-profile tires that keeps the top bead in the drop center while servicing even the toughest applications.

*Tilt back tool tower: tool head and power duckhead are mounted to a traditional tilt-back tower that stows out of the way when not in use. It also retains tool head height settings for the next tire.

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