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Federal launches green initiative

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Federal launches green initiative

Federal Corp. is phasing out the use of polycylic aromatic hydrocarbon-rich extender oils in its tires in its commitment to a safer and greener society, the company reports.

All of its tire segments will be switched to high-aromatic (HA) oil-free tires following the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulations affecting the tire industry which were put in effect in 2007 by the European Community.

“Soon to take effect from week #33, 2009, we will have fully eliminated high-aromatic (HA) oils in production at (our) Chungli, Taiwan-established plant; while our Jiangxi, China-based factory is underway in week #40, 2009, to meet such criteria for tires that are shipped to all overseas countries,” says the company.

Federal plans to replace the toxic oils “in a manner that minimizes environmental impact with clean alternatives which ensures positive effects in both tire manufacturing and during use.”

Gradually, all of Federal’s HA-free product will be identified by an eco icon on the tire label. “The simple green design features the earth sitting in the outreached hands, denoting the fulfillment of REACH requirements and our responsibility to be environmentally conscious from a saving-our-planet standpoint,” says the company.

HA oils, also referred to as distillate aromatic extract oils (DAE), are regarded as hazardous substances that are harmful to human health and the environment when the tire is being driven.

“It is our core value and corporate philosophy as a green performer to keep (our) promise of making eco-compatible tires with respect for the place we live. Therefore, we have carefully weighed all these technical and supply factors each stage on the substitution process which would be consistent with the EU’s assessment to protect and maintain the environment for current and future generations.

“This is the starting point of our green performance revolution as a whole, and we will continue to demonstrate ecological-friendly products and technologies that attribute safety, low rolling resistance and efficient fuel consumption to the international marketplace in the near future.”

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