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Marangoni raises the bar on earthmover retreads

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Marangoni raises the bar on earthmover retreads

The Marangoni Group has completed construction on the Trio Super 63" machine for retreading large EM tires -- up to and including 63 inches.

According to Marangoni, the Trio Super 63" can rapidly peel, buff and groove the top range of earthmover tires, "ensuring their maximum geometric stability thanks to the possibility to fit the tires being processed on robust flanges and inflate these during manufacturing till 1 bar."

Marangoni's Tyre Machinery division, through Marangoni Meccanica, developed the machine. The division also is known for manufacturing machinery for the construction of new radial tires using the following proprietary "Fast" systems:

* EmFast for earthmover tires;

* AgriFast for agricultural tires;

* TruckFast for truck tires;

* CarFast for car tires; and

* SolidFast for industrial tires.

Marangoni Meccanica introduced the Fast product line in 2002. Edoardo Salaorni, commercial director for the Tyre Machinery division, says "Marangoni Meccanica "is the technological ‘antenna’ of the Marangoni Group.

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