Retail helps bring the tire-buying public to tire dealers

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A new business has been set up to bring tire dealers new business. works with local tire dealers to provide consumers with competitive quotes for their tire needs.

According to co-founder Scott Shore, was created to:

* bring tire companies new business from the Internet;

* assist the consumer in finding local tire dealers;

* provide consumers with a faster Internet solution; and

* send Internet consumers directly to local tire stores and auto repair facilities.

Shore answers frequently asked questions from the consumer's point of view on the company's Web site, However, here are some frequently asked questions from the dealer's point of view.

Q. How does QuoteOnTires work?

A. We attract hundreds of consumers to our site each day. Many of those consumers will complete our "Request for a tire quotation" form. Within seconds of receiving the information, we send the form out to you.

Q. Will I get consumers from outside my area?

A. No, unless you would like to receive leads from another area. We only deliver leads to you in your desired marketing area, usually determined by a series of zip codes.

We can set up an approximate radius from your store, such as 10 miles, and only deliver consumers from that defined area! Dealers in a larger city, such as Denver may select to only receive leads from consumers on the south side of town, or dealers in a rural area may select a county or group of counties.

How does the dealer receive the lead?

A. Our leads are delivered in two methods. We can send the leads via FAX or email.

Q. Why would the consumer share this information?

A. We market to consumers that are actively shopping for tires or likely will need tires very soon. As a result, they are eager to complete our forms and receive a quote.

Q. Will the consumer know that dealers will be calling?

A. Yes, we tell the consumer on our form, plus we send them an e-mail notifying them that your company will be calling. We also provide the consumer with your company name, address and phone number so that they can contact your company.

Q. How does find the consumers?

A. We market in many well-known and proven methods on the Internet. As an example, we purchase key terms on all the major search engines, including Google. We purchase thousands of quality key words and direct the consumers to our site.

Q. What if my company already has a Web site?

A. That's great if you do, but it's very doubtful that you will be duplicating any consumers with our leads. Our marketing is unique and very different from the methods used by most Web sites. As a result, most dealers find that our service is a great addition to the other Internet marketing that they do.

Q. Will I have competition on the leads?

A. Yes, the leads are distributed on a non-exclusive basis. Additionally, research has shown that Internet consumers go to the Internet to get more information on their purchase, including multiple prices.

Since our offer to the consumer is to supply multiple quotes, we deliver the quote to more than one dealer. This allows us to dramatically lower the cost per lead, resulting in lower overall marketing costs to the tire dealer.

Q. How many leads do I need to purchase?

A. We do not have a minimum purchase amount, but we recommend a monthly spend of at least $500 or 50 leads.

Q. Will I be guaranteed a minimum or maximum lead volume?

A. No. We distribute leads instantly based upon the consumers visit to our site. However, the more population a zip code has, the more possible leads there will be.

After sign up, lead volume will be fairly low. Sometimes they will actually trickle in, but over time, volume will increase. This should give your staff a chance to learn how to use our service.

Please note that we are working hard to increase our overall lead volume; therefore, your lead volume will increase slightly month to month. If at any point the volume is too high, simply give us a call and we will reduce the volume.

Additionally, we limit the distribution of the leads, and leads are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Therefore, leads in your area may not be available.

Q. Is there any guarantee that this will work?

A. We can't control the quality of your salespeople, so we can't make any guarantees. However, this method of contacting consumers has been used in major industries including insurance, mortgage, automotive and many others. It has proven to be very effective.

Q. Is this going to be cost-effective?

A. Yes. Our research indicates that the cost per closed sale will be dramatically lower than many of the other options available. In some cases, the cost per sale will be half that of other options.

Additionally, you will likely know exactly how much revenue you

have generated from these leads. Rather than guessing like most marketing, you will be able to measure very accurately the profitability of the leads.

Q. How do I sign up?

A. You can start your account by a simple phone call -- no contracts and no long-term commitment. We will need a few things from you, such as a credit card, e-mail address and other information about your business.

Q. How does the billing process work?

A. We will bill though our "EZ pay" process. We will send an invoice on the 16th and 1st of each month. Billing of the credit card will occur on the 17th and 3rd of each month. No action is required on the dealer's part. was incorporated in 2007. It is owned by Prospector Marketing Inc.

Shore, who formerly worked in his family's Shore Tire Co. Inc. business in Lenexa, Kan., says his new venture is completely independent from any of tire dealers or manufacturers. It also does not sell tires.

For more information, tire dealers are asked to call the company at (888) 978-6836.

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