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McCarthy Tire goes green with modern lights

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McCarthy Tire Service, one of the largest commercial tire dealerships in the U.S., has switched to more energy-efficient lights at its 29 locations in an effort to reduce its electricity consumption.

The Wilkes-Barre, Pa.-based company has replaced 224 metal halide and low pressure bulbs with 177 energy-efficient fixtures, reducing wattage of each fixture from 458 watts to 216 watts.

"In our Wilkes-Barre location alone, we were able to lower our costs of energy for lighting by 47%,” says a spokesman for the firm.

"Occupancy sensors also are being installed in warehouses and areas employees do not often frequent, also reducing the load. We are continuing this initiative to all other locations.”

In addition, McCarthy Tire is evaluating the air compressors at all of its facilities, “lowering our pressure and increasing our capacity, which will in turn allow our compressors to run at lower psi levels,” which could generate cost savings of up to 35%.

McCarthy Tire is the seventh largest independent commercial tire dealership in the U.S., according to Modern Tire Dealer research.


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